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Good Enough

Nick Driscoll
New Album

Good Enough

  • Available Now!

    February 15 2024


Good Enough

By Nick Driscoll
6 Songs - 21 Min - 2024
‘Good Enough’ is the debut album from Nick Driscoll, featuring a collection of pure pop songs with passionate songwriting and slick production, storytelling that resonates with the human experience, and upbeat, danceable melodies that can’t escape your head.

These songs tell stories of singing your favorite chorus at the top of your lungs while driving down a moonlit road, found and lost love, and dancing through this kaleidoscope of life.

You’ll hear songs that make you smile, get you pumped up for a night out, and reflect on how quickly a moment can pass us by.

Take a moment to turn it up and sing along.

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About Nick

“A good melody helps us forget our worries - if only for a few minutes.”

Nick Driscoll is a songwriter, performer and producer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His melodic hooks and compelling songwriting set him apart as a sought-after collaborator, seamlessly infusing his signature touch into diverse projects. Whether in the studio or on stage, he brings a contagious enthusiasm for music, solidifying his status as a proud representative of Calgary's vibrant musical community.

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